Vegetarian dating non vegetarian

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Psychologist Dr Kay Sheehan from Denver, Colorado, says, Women are usually more aware of their emotions, including compassion. So can you explain vegetarianism to your man and convert him?Peter Cox, author of Why You Dont Need Meat, asserted in a talk at the Living Without Cruelty exhibition in London: Ive never met an intelligent person who, when presented with the arguments, didnt become a vegetarian. She gives lectures and workshops around the world on power struggle resolution and control issues, and had a workshop on the psychology of animal abusers at the 1993 Vegan Festival in Spain.None of those things were good ideas because I never caved. It can take over your relationship if you are butting heads about your eating habits with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

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Okay, okay, I admit that during a weak moment, I did recently text “poor little lamby” when my guy requested I bring home a gyro from our favorite Greek restaurant.

But, the fact is, more and more people are going meatless, and that trend is likely to continue. I’m here to tell you that, as a vegetarian living with a meat-eater, it’s not that bad. Regardless of how you find yourself in this situation, living the multi-vore life really is easier than you may think.

Yes, of course, it is absolutely your prerogative to make diet a deal-breaker.

It’s something that is just as me as being blonde or Italian or snorting when I laugh.

Really, really fortunately, my boyfriend is really supportive about it.

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