Updating hp thin clients pearland dating

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Also, Ubuntu users will also be excited to know that the new View client available in the Ubuntu Software Center works great with the 64-bit version of the new Ubuntu 12.04.

The new VMware View Client for Linux is now available on VMware Ready certified thin clients and as upgrades to existing thin clients from HP, Praim, Stratodesk, Fujian Centerm, IGEL, 10Zi G and Wyse.HP and Dell officials also made improved communications a key part of what they were rolling out.“As office workers become more mobile and more smartphones, laptops and tablets enter the workplace, the challenge to secure data grows more daunting,” Jeff Groudan, marketing director of thin clients at HP, said in a statement.“With innovations such as HP Velocity and our support for unified communications, companies can enable their mobile workforce while knowing they have the security, reliability and manageability of thin clients without sacrificing productivity, user experience or performance.”Thin clients have been around for a long time and offer the capabilities of traditional PCs.When I manually download the image and make a new template with that image.I receive the following error when trying to push it: 2013-08-16 Map repository to: Master Repository2013-08-16 Successfully sent task to the Device Management Gateway2013-08-16 Task has been retrieved by the Agent.2013-08-16 Deploy image using repository Master Repository.2013-08-16 NOT SUPPORT!

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