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The adult jokes and straight up nightmare scenarios on this list are enough to make you reconsider ever letting your children watch educational programming again.

After all, if they’re going to watch something as messed up as It doesn't matter where Mrs.

While I'm picturing it to look exactly like it did the first time around, I also have to take into consideration the fact that it's now on Netflix. Sure it was the '90s and before everyone and their kid sister was insisting on gluten-free classroom cupcakes, but I still feel like one of those kids could've died from a sting.

Frizzle and her rag tag group of students are back. The time they went to the ocean floor You're telling me that none of those kids were allergic to bees?

Frizzle takes her students, be it inside one of her students or under Walker Lake, the kids are almost always dying. Frizzle has never had to relay terrible news to the parents of one of her students. Frizzle takes her students to the planetarium, which is fine, but she didn't say anything about taking the students into outer space.

Your parents would have freaked the f*ck out if one of your teachers lied about where they were taking you on a field trip.

Don't you just love it when the song at the very beginning of the show you're watching reminds you how much the characters don't want to be there?

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, a computer-animated reboot of the beloved educational cartoon.She was definitely hands on, knew ho to get her students engaged and, oh yeah, had the sickest wardrobe of all time.If they were going to space, she wore a dress covered in planets and stars. Miss Frizzle might be the teacher you’ll always want but never have, but at least you have the power to rock a wardrobe inspired by one of the most eccentric characters of all time.You know, because Ralphie's bringing a class action lawsuit against the school for all those times Ms. Did I mention the reboot (in my head) is an action packed legal thriller. And yes this list is much shorter than it should be because I'm sticking to the original books. But please, fell free to leave more times she should've gotten fired in the comments. The time they went to the waterworks How much you want to bet Ms.

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