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From a report: IMDb was told to remove actors' ages from the site by 1 January, 2017, but the site has failed to take any action. IMDb believes that the law is a violation of the First Amendment and it says the state has "chosen instead to chill free speech and to undermine access to factual information of public interest" rather than trying to tackle age-discrimination in a more meaningful way.

A full week into 2017, IMDb has not only chosen to ignore the new law, but has also filed a lawsuit in a bid to stop California from implementing Assembly Bill No.

Mc Bride disagreed, saying Vallejo already fled once before he was even charged.There is a paucity of research on female sex offenders, and research is still somewhat lacking (although growing) on the ever-complex juvenile offenders.Sex offender therapy is challenging regardless of the nature of the clients, and other factors also come into play.Vallejo used his brother’s business connections to arrange a flight to India just before the allegations came forward in 2015.And once Vallejo learned the police were after him, he “discussed staying out of country,” according to court documents.“There’s been no evidence that he will not pose a danger to …

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