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Originally posted by rockogre I'm six foot and 250 pounds.I like to just stare for a few beats, then slowly start to grin like I might possibly be a lunatic. __________________ SWM, tattooed, seeks meaningful tits and beer. Call him a homo, and since most assholes are homophobes, they'll come after you. " And if you're feeling "creepy", stare at his feet and start to hum, "three blind mice" __________________ "If you're not weird, you're not interesting". seizei; (adv - Japanese) at the most; at best; to the utmost; as much (far) as possible.may intimidate the human race into bringing order into its international affairs" (Albert Einstein).Browbeat suggests the persistent application of highhanded, disdainful, or imperious tactics: browbeating a witness.The conference as a whole in 2015 personally dropped 401 quarterbacks before they had a chance to unload the ball. The SEC will have a real chance at surpassing the Big Ten in the sack department next year as the conference’s top-eight sack leaders return to their respective squads.That should make playing the SEC a routine hell for offensive lines with a collection of some of the most-menacing front lines in the nation.

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Kevin Sumlin’s squad loses 56 tackles, 9.5 tackles-for-loss and 2.5 sacks with the graduation of defensive tackles Alonzo Williams and Julien Obioha.Enjoys biker mags, pornography, and Sunday morning walks to the liquor store. Then say "Why would you be offended if it wasn't true? (pronounced - say-zay) "You know, if your mom used her mouth as much as you do, she might be a better fuck." OR "You talk shit like your mom begs for sex." Maybe these are better comebacks than for pure intimidation... These 2 are always good "Look if you don't fuck off I'll shove my foot so far up your ass you'll be able to tounge tie my shoelaces" "OH YEAH?Winners of erotic hot dog eating contests given priority. " Then hit him in the head with a ball peen hammer. C'mon then I'll kick your ass up so high you'll have to lay down to take a shit!"How bout I put my foot so far up your ass it will make your breath smell like shoe polish! That said, I am a witty fella and I reckon I can give you a couple of tips, if you're not the punching type. It always related to what the other person has done or said. must've been some serious expensive faggo designer shoes. Then spit on him and finish your beer."Sounds like someone is volunteering to be an organ donor." "You've just won the "getting my ass whooped loto", get ready to be paid. " A funny one is "Fuck you kiss my ass while I'm farting asshole!Wit is a quality that is easily desired, but no so easily obtained. Since the beginning of time, mankind has argued and debated against one another, and while some conflicts are won in wars, many of them are won in words.

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